Recycling Nickel with Metal Scrap Recycling

Gulf Coast Scrap Metal buys a variety of nickel alloys for metal recycling. Offering the best prices in the city, let your nickel scrap make you money with metal scrap recyclingfrom Gulf Coast. Call 713-868-4111 to learn more about recycling nickel and our scrap metal recycling services.

Recycling Nickel with Gulf Coast

The most nickels are made of a copper nickel alloy

The most nickels are made of a copper nickel alloy

Nickel’s magnetic properties and its versatility as a metal alloy has made nickel a popular choice for industrial-grade products. Found frequently in electronics, power tools, transport and emergency power supply, nickel is also a key element in rechargeable batteries. Because nickel is used in so many products, its scrap is relatively abundant.

Some of the most popular nickel alloys include, but are not limited to, hastelloy, incoloy, inconel, and monel. Stainless steel with nickel is also becoming more popular. Gulf Coast Scrap Metal buys all of these alloys for scrap metal recycling.

Moreover, we offer FREE alloy testing at our facility. Other free services we offer include wire stripping, container services, onsite evaluation, job site pick-up, and quoting.

When it comes to recycling nickel, no one provides better customer service than Gulf Coast Scrap Metal. We pledge to deliver:

  • Prompt payment
  • Fantastic customer service
  • Effective and efficient assistance 
  • The highest prices for nickel and other metal scrap

Please call 713-868-4111 to speak to a knowledgeable, professional member of our team to discuss our scrap metal recycling services and the benefits of recycling nickel. Come out and visit our metal scrap recycling facility, located on Hempstead Rd. between 610 and I-10.