Carbide Scrap

Carbides — metal compounds composed of carbon and a less electronegative element — are extremely common in the industrial world. Some of the most common carbides include silicon carbide, calcium carbide, and tungsten carbide. Gulf Coast Scrap Metal buys carbide scrap for recycling. For the best prices and quality carbide recycling, come over to Gulf Coast Scrap Metal!

Where to Find Carbide Scrap

The hardest part about scrap metal recycling is finding the actual scrap. Tungsten carbide (or simply carbide) is most commonly used in the machining, cutting tools, abrasive, wire drawing and woodworking industries. Scrap carbide is most typically sold in the form of:

Carbide Scrap

Carbide Scrap

  • End Mills
  • Indexable Inserts
  • Drills
  • Tooling
  • PCB Drills
  • Wear Parts
  • Dies
  • Saw Tips
  • Blanks
  • Rounds
  • Balls
  • Burrs
  • Mining Bits

Carbide is also be found in jewelry, sports products (ski & trekking pole tips, snowmobile tracks, golf club weights, horse shoes) and neuron reflectors.

Carbide Recycling with Gulf Coast Scrap Metal

We want your scrap metal recycling experience to be both simple and lucrative. For this reason, Gulf Coast Scrap Metal goes above and beyond in providing quality customer service. We offer:

  • Free alloy testing
  • Free container service
  • Free wire stripping
  • Free onsite evaluations
  • Free quoting
  • Prompt payment
  • Fast, friendly service by a knowledgeable staff
  • Outdoor scale, allowing you to weigh your own scrap

Help the environment and your wallet with carbide recycling with Gulf Coast Scrap Metal! We offer the best prices for carbide scrap along with the best customer service in Houston. Please call 713-868-4111 for current carbide scrap pricing and more information concerning our scrap metal recycling services.