Recycling Your Insulated Wire Scrap for Fast Cash

If you are like many people, you probably have old cables and insulated wires sitting in a closet somewhere, collecting dust. You may think that someday you might have a use for them again. The truth is that you are much better off trading in your old wire scrap. Not only will this cut down on clutter, but you will also make some extra cash in the process. Gulf Coast Scrap Metal pays the most of any scrap metal recycling facility in the Houston area.

How Does Wire Scrap Recycling Work?

It has never been easier to recycle your old network cables or insulated wire scrap.

Gulf Coast Scrap Metal not only offers the highest price for scrap metal and recyclables in the entire Houston area, but we also offer complimentary alloy testing and free wire stripping. Just bring your old cables and wires to our scrap metal recycling facility, conveniently located between highways 610 and I-10, and just minutes from 290.

We Accept Network Cable Scrap from Your Home or Business

Gulf Coast Scrap Metal has a reputation for putting customer service first, as well as being extremely versatile in the types of scrap we accept. We take network cables, communication wire scrap, and even copper insulated wire scrap. In addition, we can handle any sized job, whether it is a small bunch of wires from your home, or a large, industrial sized one. We even offer pickup from your company location or job site, plus an on-site evaluation of your scrap. In addition to insulated wire scrap, Gulf Coast also accepts lead scrap, steel iron piping scrap, aluminum cans and siding, and much, much more.

To get started recycling your wire scrap and making extra cash fast, contact Gulf Coast Scrap Metal today at 713-868-4111.