Houston Soft Lead Recycling – Gulf Coast Scrap Metal

Houston Soft Lead Recycling Company, Gulf Coast Scrap Metal, wants to highlight the profitable and efficient task of recycling soft lead. Soft lead can be found throughout the Houston area across a variety of industrial sectors. If you are searching for ways to recycle soft lead, do not hesitate to contact Gulf Coast! Read on to learn more about how your company can find soft lead to recycle.

Where can you find soft lead?

Soft lead,can come from many types of businesses. Some good examples of companies that could have soft lead readily available include:

  • Hospitals- The walls inside an x-ray room contain soft lead that could be recycled. If an x-ray room needs to be remodeled or torn down, you can remove the lining of the walls in x-ray rooms and take them in for recycling. You can also find soft lead in the door frames. One important thing to note, however, is that since x-ray papers no longer contain silver, we cannot accept them.
  • Demolition companies- Demolition companies tear down a variety of rooms, which means they have a variety of soft lead accessible to them for recycling. The lead in roofs can also become a source of profit.
  • Plumbers- Plumbers work with variety of pipes and joints with soft lead. If you are a plumber, recycling your scrap of soft lead can not only bring you profit, but also save you valuable storage space.

Soft lead recycling in Houston

If you have soft lead that you need to recycle, Gulf Coast Scrap Metal is the ideal location to choose. We are a customer-focused scrap metal company that offers prompt pay with top prices for your scrap metal. For Houston soft lead recycling, call us at 713-868-4111. You can also visit our location at 8770 Hempstead Road, conveniently located between 610 and i10.