Houston Scrap Metal Recycling: Combatting the Economic Downturn

While the news tells us the recession is over, the American people are still recovering. In tough times like these, every penny helps. Scrap metal recycling in Houston is an easy and efficient way to make ends meet. We offer the best prices of any scrap metal recycler in Houston!

Professional Houston Scrap Metal Recycler

Our Houston scrap metal recycling center has been in business for over 32 years. Understanding the ins and outs of the scrap recycling world, our staff can help you maximize your profit from scrap metal. We offer a variety of FREE services to facilitate the Houston scrap metal recycling process, including:

  • Alloy testing
  • Wire stripping
  • Container service
  • Quotes
  • Onsite evaluations

We also accept a wide range of materials for scrap metal recycling in Houston. Accepted metals include aluminum, brass (yellow and red), copper (insulated wire as well), carbide, iron, and an array of nickel alloys (hastelloy, incoloy, inconel, and monel).

Scrap metal recycling process

Benefits of Scrap Metal Recycling in Houston

Our city is HUGE and continually expanding… This is good news for a striving Houston scrap metal recycler! A lot of scrap metal can be found at demolition sites. One can easily pick through a demolition site and make lots of money by selling this scrap for scrap to a scrap metal recycler in Houston. Moreover, many people throw out appliances and hardware with valuable parts that can be used for Houston scrap metal recycling. Since dumping these objects can be time consuming and costly, most remodeling and construction teams would be happy to let you take it off their hands. You can remove the useful scrap from objects such as old dishwashers and piping to sell to a Houston scrap metal recycler.

To learn more about our Houston scrap metal recycling services and facility, please call 713-868-4111.