Help the Environment with Houston Scrap Metal Recycling

Why let your metal appliances and junk end up in a landfill when you can easily make money and help the environment with Houston metal scrap recycling. As a scrap metal recycler in Houston, we welcome individuals and businesses that would like to sell us their metal junk. To learn more about our Houston scrap metal recycling services and how we can assist you in helping the environment, please call 713-868-4111.

Environmental Benefits of Metal Scrap Recycling in Houston

Making metal from virgin ore is accompanied with large amounts of greenhouse gas emissions. Houston scrap metal recycling makes the same metals with a fraction of the greenhouse gas emissions! Houston metal scrap recycling can be your way of combatting global warming.

Moreover, metal made from metal scrap recycling in Houston requires much less energy compared to metal forged from virgin ore. Metal scrap recycling in Houston can save up to 92% of energy in forging aluminum, 90% in forging copper, and 50% in making steel.

Most of all, Houston metal scrap recycling conserves precious natural resources. One ton of recycled steel saves 2,500 pounds of iron ore, 1,400 pounds of coal, and 120 pounds of limestone! One ton of aluminum saves us 14 megawatts/hour of electricity and 8 tons of bauxite!

The benefits of Houston scrap metal recycling also extend to our economy, as we are saving money in producing important metals. If you are thinking about recycling, come to the best scrap metal recycler in Houston. Our experience and amazing prices will surely impress you. Give us a call at 713-868-4111 to learn more about metal scrap recycling in Houston.