The Time is Ripe for Selling Copper Scrap in Houston

Copper has always been a relatively valuable metal. An increase in demand may start to drive up the cost of copper, making copper scrap an extremely lucrative recyclable material. If you are thinking about selling scrap copper in Houston, you should think about think about the following considerations:

Copper Prices Will Go Up

selling copper scrap in HoustonCopper prices are on the rise, but why? Both China’s population and economy have been growing rapidly in the past few years. The country’s demand for copper has been hitting record highs: in 2012 alone China imported high 3.4 million metric tons of refined copper. This figure is much higher than previous years. This increase in demand will only be met by an increase in copper prices, which already goes for around 3.50/lb.

How Does this Impact my Scrap?

What this means to you is that scrap buyers will start paying more for copper. That means you can get more bucks for your scrap without doing extra work. Just make sure that you go to an honest scrap buyer or recycling facility that pays the market price.

Free Wire Stripping

One of the most common forms of scrap copper is copper wire. If you are selling copper scrap in Houston, you want to make sure you go to a buyer or recycler that strips wire free of charge. Gulf Coast Scrap Metal accepts all kinds of insulated wire and provides stripping at no additional cost.

The time is nigh for selling copper scrap in Houston. Call Gulf Coast Scrap Metal at 713-868-4111 to get a list of our current pricing.