Scrap Metal Recycling for Houston Businesses

Houston is one of America’s biggest cultural and industrial hubs. But you don’t need to live here long to know that this city is both spread out and polluted. While Houston is a wonderful place to raise a family and start a business, it can sometimes be difficult to maintain green practices. Here at Gulf Coast Scrap Metal, we specialize in simplifying scrap metal recycling. Houston‘s environment should be helped and we are more than happy to pay you to facilitate that process. To learn more about how Gulf Coast promotes environmentally-friendly business practices through scrap metal recycling, please call 713-868-4111.

Green Business Practices: Scrap Metal Recycling Houston

There is no reason why metal scrap should end up in a landfill. Recycling your scrap is lucrative, simple, and important for your overall health.

Scrap Metal Recycling Houston

Simply throwing away your scrap can not only hurt your environment, but it can also hurt your neighbors. Scrap may be coated in chemicals that can contaminate the soil surrounding the landfill. Some landfills are also not properly lined, leaving underlying water sources open to contamination. By recycling your scrap metal, you can rest assured that your trash will not end up in your food or drinking water.

As if maintaining your health was not motivation enough, one can also make a good amount of money from selling scrap metal to recyclers. Certain businesses, such as plumbing, electrical construction, or demolition, produce a significant amount of scrap metal. Recycling facilities will pay you by the weight of your scrap metal. Gratification is almost instantaneous.  Gulf Coast will pay you cash for aluminum, brass, copper, carbide, iron, lead, nickel, alloy, and steel scrap.

Not sure if money is worth the hassle? Gulf Coast makes scrap metal recycling easier than ever before. We will pick your scrap up directly at your job site. A drive through scale also makes weighing and paying quick and efficient. Free alloy testing and wire stripping also save you time and money.

There is simply no reason why certain Houston businesses should not recycle their metal. Call Gulf Coast at 713-868-4111 for an updated list of prices.