Recycling Copper Scrap in Houston

Recycling copper scrap in Houston is a great way to score extra cash this spring! Making the decision to recycle copper scrap, including old copper wiring can be even more profitable if you are an electrician, or if you can retrieve copper wiring from your industrial jobsite, office, or workplace. Gulf Coast Scrap Metal has been Houston’s top recycling facility for years, and can make the process of recycling copper scrap quick, easy, and most of all, very profitable!

Copper Scrap Types

Houston’s Gulf Coast Scrap Metal buys a wide variety of copper scrap metals, including copper transformers, copper piping, copper alternators, copper insulated wire scrap, and other types of assorted copper scrap. If you are ready to start collecting and recycling copper scrap, you can talk to the electricians at your industrial workplace, and more than likely, they will be glad for you to take it off their hands to be recycled. In addition, by recycling copper scrap in Houston, you will be doing a great thing for the environment.

Top Houston Scrap Recycling Facility

There are many reasons why Gulf Coast Scrap Metal continues to hold the title as Houston’s best scrap metal recycling facility. A convenient location off of Hempstead Road and free offer onsite evaluation of your scrap metal for qualified industrial accounts are a few of the reasons why Gulf Coast continues to win over new customers year after year. Gulf Coast offers only the best and most personalized customer service, and will evaluate your scrap in a fast, friendly manner. Plus, you will always get the most cash for your scrap at Gulf Coast!

If you are ready to start recycling copper scrap in Houston, Gulf Coast is ready to help you. Since 1990, Gulf Coast Scrap Metal has built a reputation of quality customer service. Get started today by calling (713) 868-4111 and visit their website at