Recycling Aluminum Scrap Metal in Houston

It’s never too early to start stockpiling extra cash for the back to school or even holiday season – and at Gulf Coast Scrap Metal, we want to give you a head start by providing you a means of recycling aluminum scrap metal in Houston!

Customer-Focused and Friendly

Conveniently located off of Hempstead Road in the Heights, Gulf Coast Scrap Metal is the best aluminum scrap metal recycling facility in Houston for many reasons: first of all, we are always looking out for the needs of the customer. We offer a host of free services for your aluminum scrap metal recycling needs, including free wire stripping, free quotes, alloy testing, onsite evaluations and container services for large job sites, all in order to make your experience an easier one!

Locating Aluminum Scrap Metal

Where is the best place to find aluminum scrap for recycling? The most common source of aluminum scrap are empty soda or beer cans, which can be collected at your home or office and turned in for cash. Check out demolition sites for aluminum in door and window frames, gutters, and downspouts. In addition, you can find aluminum in the cast wheels and radiators in cars – all of these and more can be turned in at Gulf Coast Scrap Metal to earn you the most cash for your scrap of anywhere in Houston!

Do Your Part!

Scrap metal recycling in Houston is also a great way to help the environment. It ensures that scrap metal doesn’t clutter the parks and public places in Houston that we all love so much. Recycle your scrap metal today at Gulf Coast Scrap Metal for a multitude of benefits! No one makes it easier than Gulf Coast – remember, if you want the most, call Gulf Coast!

Call Gulf Coast Scrap Metal today at 713-868-4111, and visit our website at to learn more about recycling aluminum scrap metal in Houston.