Recycle Scrap Metal in Houston

One of the very best ways to make extra cash this spring season is to recycle scrap metal in Houston. Your home or office is likely to have an abundance of materials that can be recycled, and Gulf Coast Scrap Metal is the ideal destination for all your scrap metal recycling needs. Our friendly staff will help you to get the MOST for your scrap. Learn more here about the types of scrap metals that we accept!

Acceptable Scrap Metals

Gulf Coast Scrap Metal has long been Houston’s favorite scrap metal recycling facility for many reasons, including the fact that we accept a wide variety of scrap metals. We take carbide scrap, brass, copper, iron, aluminum, nickel alloy, lead, stainless steel, insulated wire, and battery scrap.

Unacceptable Scrap Metals

There are a few types of scrap metals that we do not accept, including appliances, radioactive materials, cars, computers, live ammunitions, any material containing mercury, flammable materials, materials containing asbestos, or pressure regulating valves. If you have a question or concern about a particular type of scrap metal, give us a call and we can let you know if it is something that we can accept.

Visit us today for all of your Houston scrap metal recycling needs and discover the Gulf Coast Scrap Metal difference! Get started by calling (713) 868-4111 and visit our website at