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Houston Scrap Aluminum Recycling: The Best Prices in Town!

Aluminum metal recycling is a fantastic way to make some extra cash. Moreover, you have the benefit of knowing you’re doing your share to help the environment. Gulf Coast Scrap Metal specializes in Houston scrap metal recycling and boasts the best prices in town for aluminum scrap. For more information concerning our Houston aluminum metal recycling services, please call our recycling center at (713) 868-4111.

Where to Find Scrap for Aluminum Metal Recycling

The most common aluminum scraps are beer and soda cans, but there are plenty of other items than can be used for Houston scrap aluminum recycling. Cast wheels and radiators can be easily removed from a car and turned over for Houston aluminum metal recycling. Aluminum can also be found at demolition sites in objects such as gutters, downspouts, and window and door frames.

Aluminum Metal Recycling Made Easy

When it comes to Houston scrap metal recycling, no one makes it easier than Gulf Coast Scrap Metal! Some of our FREE Houston scrap aluminum recycling services include:

  • Alloy testing
  • Wire stripping
  • Container service
  • Onsite evaluation
  • Quotes

On top of all these free services, Gulf Coast also offers the best prices in Houston for aluminum scrap.

Come to Gulf Coast for your next aluminum metal recycling venture. We promise you’ll walk away satisfied! Give us a call at (713) 868-4111 to learn more about Houston scrap metal recycling services from Gulf Coast!