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Scrap Metal Recycling | Houston Scrap Prices

scrap metal recycling houston

Cash for your metal scrap!

Once you have collected all your scrap, its time to go price hunting. If you are not familiar with market prices, you can have a hard time assessing what prices are fail and what prices are too low. When it comes to scrap metal recycling, Houston goes to Gulf Coast because we have the best prices in town. Call 713-868-4111 for a list of our current pricing.

Best Prices for Scrap Metal Recycling

At Gulf Coast Scrap Metal, we try to give you the best prices for your scrap. We do this because it beenfits both the seller and us, the buyer.

Paying you more for your scrap naturally benefits the seller. One does not need to collect as much scrap and spend so much time scrapping to make as much money.

By the same token, paying you more for the weight of your scrap also helps us because we know that sellers will want to return to us in the future. Integrity and honesty are our business policies.

How Do We Decide Our Pricing?

Our pricing fluctuates with the market price. Each metal and alloy has a different price per pound.

We aim to pay you a bit more that the market value so that you can make more money off of your scrap!

When you bring in your scrap, we perform alloy testing and wire stripping for you. Once we termine the amount of recyclable scrap, we quickly weigh it and calculate the amount we owe you. This is done directly in front of you so you know that we are giving you an honest price for an honest weight.

Come in to Gulf Coast Scrap Metal for your scrap metal recycling. Houston scrappers could not ask for a better price for their scrap! Call 713-868-4111 to get a list of our pricing.