Houston Metal Recycling: Unacceptable Scrap

Unfortunately, there is some scrap we cannot accept for Houston metal recycling. We try not to be picky, but some materials simply cannot be recycled safely. Pretty much no recycling facility will accept the scrap listed below.

Sorry, but we can’t accept the following scrap for Houston metal recycling:

asbestosis of the lung_houston metal recycling

Image of Asbestosis of the lung

  • Radioactive Materials

    If you need a special suit and a mask to trasport it to us, we can’t accept it.

  • Computer Monitors

    We can accept the wiring but we can’t recycle the monitors.

  • TV Screens

    We do not accept TV screens because we cannot recycle the cathode ray tubes.

  • Fluorescent Light Bulbs

    The do not contain tungsten like conventional lightbulbs do.

  • Scrap Metal Containing Mercury

    Mercury is a harmful element and can be even poisonous in large enough doses.

  • Scrap Containing Asbestos

    Asbestos are a series of 6 natural silicate minerals that were frequently used in insulation. The prolonged inhalation of asbestos causes a series of illnesses, including malignant lung cancer. The EPA banned the use of asbestos in 1989. Because of the dangers associated with these minerals, we do not accept material containing it.

  • Flammable or Combustible Materials
  • Live Ammunition
  • Explosives

Scrap that we do accept for Houston metal recycling!

Gulf Coast Scrap Metal buys up most metal scrap for recycling. Some of the common metals we accept include lead, iron, carbide, brass, aluminum, copper, carbide, stainless steel, steels, and nickel alloys. If you are unsure if we will accept your scrap or what kind of metal it is, feel free to stop by our shop for a free alloy test and consultation.

Call 713-868-4111 for more information about Houston metal recycling and the services we provide.