Industrial Scrap Metal Recycling in Houston

Gulf Coast Scrap Metal is a top scrap metal recycling facility in Houston, catering to the needs of businesses both large and small. Offering a variety of specialized services for your business needs, Gulf Coast Scrap Metal is the top choice for industrial scrap metal recycling in Houston.

Scrap Metal Container Service

Scrap metal container service is just one of the convenient services that Gulf Coast Scrap Metal offers for our qualified industrial accounts. For larger pickups, where cranes, flatbeds, or roll off trucks might be needed, Gulf Coast has you covered, plus we will pick up your scrap metal promptly. You can even schedule your pickup through Gulf Coast’s website, by filling out our convenient online form here. With this feature, you no longer have to wait around while piles of scrap clutter up your office or business space.

Friendly Drive through Service

Customer-focused service is name of the game at Gulf Coast Scrap Metal, where a fast and friendly drive through at 8770 Hempstead Road is available for anyone to drop off scrap metal. Plus, we offer free wire stripping, free alloy testing, and of course, the very best prices for your scrap. There is no reason to visit any other scrap metal recycling facility than Gulf Coast Scrap Metal!

Our website offers a wealth of information for customers, including information about the types of scrap that we accept, interesting articles, and the history of Gulf Coast Scrap Metal. Our dedication to providing you the best is a commitment we take seriously.

If you want the most for your industrial scrap metal in Houston, call Gulf Coast Scrap Metal today. With the very best special offers for industrial clients and the best customer service around, Gulf Coast’s commitment to service and quality is unparalleled! Call Gulf Coast Scrap Metal today at 713-868-4111.