Houston Scrap Metal Recycling the Gulf Coast Way

Houston is a city meant for families and industry. While it may seem somewhat out of place, metal recycling can benefit both your family and your business. Make money and help the environment with Houston scrap metal recycling; call Gulf Coast Scrap Metal at 713-868-4111 to get an updated list of our pricing!

Houston Scrap Metal Recycling for your Business

Metal recycling is fantastic for companies that work in the electrical construction, plumbing, and demolition fields. How does scrap metal recycling help your business?

  • Some metal recyclers, like Gulf Coast, will pay you to clean up your job site! Simply sort your scrap as you work and give us a call when you need to get rid of your scrap to create extra room. Scrap metal can be found in old appliances, wires, piping, and beams. We’ll pick up your scrap directly at the job site and pay you as soon as we weigh it at our shop!
  • Some consumers and clients really value working with “green” businesses. Scrap metal recycling is a fantastic way to show potential clients that your company implements responsible business and environmental practices.
  • Houston scrap metal recycling with Gulf Coast also saves you money: you do not need to employ a garbage pick-up company or waste time getting rid of your scrap. In fact, we not only save you money, but we also give you money

Job site pick-up for Houston Scrap Metal Recycling

Metal Recycling for the Family

The health of your family is a top priority. Recycling metal keeps scrap out of land fills and, therefore, out of our groundwater sources. This helps reduce the contamination of our drinking water, thereby keeping your family happy and healthy.

Moreover, scrap metal recycling instills great values in your children. By recycling your scrap, you demonstrate important values of social responsibility. Sustainable practices, such as scrap metal recycling, help teach your children the importance of helping the environment so that it will remain habitable in their lifetime.

Houston scrap metal recycling is a fantastic way to make money and promote responsible, sustainable practices. Here at Gulf Coast Scrap Metal, we take metal recycling very seriously and value the good it brings to our society. Call 713-868-4111 to inquire about our metal recycling services.