Houston Scrap Metal Recycling: Cash Now!

Summer is coming, meaning its vacation time for most Houstonians. While you may have done a bit of planning, you can always use a bit of extra cash for fun. Gulf Coast Scrap Metal is a Houston scrap metal recycling facility that pays you cash for your scrap. Make some quick money today. Call 713-868-4111 for more information about our prices and how to drop off your metal scrap.

The Easiest Way to Make Some Quick Cash

Scrap metal recycling is fantastic because there are literally no downsides. You are essentially being paid to help the environment. By recycling your scrap, you help conserve energy and also keep metal objects out of landfills, thereby improving your surrounding environment.

Scrapping is also a relatively simple process. Just make sure to sort your scrap as you collect it so that you won’t waste time sift through and parsing it out later.

If you don’t have direct access to junk metal, there are plenty of strategies you can use to access scrap from businesses. In a city as industrious as Houston, we are surrounded by construction sites, demolitions, plumbing companies, electrical construction companies, old appliances, and manufacturing facilities. Simply contact a few businesses in your area and see if they would like for someone to dispose of their metal junk for them. Since this usually reduces their waste disposal expenses, many businesses will gladly take you up on the offer.

Sell this to a scrap metal recycling center!!

Keep this out of a landfill with scrap metal recycling.

Houston Scrap Metal Recycling – Simplified

We aim to make metal recycling as easy as possible by offering you all the services you need, completely free of charge. All containers, alloy testing, and wire stripping is FREE. We will also pick up your scrap from a job site at no cost to you.

Our large, drive-through scale allows you to weigh your scrap without even getting out of the car. We pay you in cash that same day so you can walk out with thick pockets in a matter of minutes.

No one does it quite like Gulf Coast. Stop by our Houston scrap metal recycling facility at 8770 Hempstead Road to see our daily price list!