Houston Brass Metal Recycling: Turn Your Trash into Cash

This time of the year, it is too easy to start accumulating too much junk in your home or garage area. Instead of living with a mess, or trying to decided where and how to get rid of it all, why not turn your brass metal scrap into quick and easy cash? Gulf Coast Scrap Metal is the Houston recycling center that pays the most for your unwanted brass and metal scrap. In addition, with a convenient location that is close to major Houston highways, you never have to go too far out of your way.

Recycling Brass Metal Scrap

Brass is available in many forms around your garage area, or even in a scrap yard. Composed of copper and zinc, brass is commonly found in antique furniture. Plus, brass scrap from old furniture is typically very pure in concentration, making it excellent for turning in at your local Houston recycling facility. Brass plumbing is fairly common as well, as it is frequently used in tubing work. Industrial sites often have an abundance of this sort of scrap material, which can be turned in at Gulf Coast Scrap Metal for cash on the spot. Even old, used bullet casings can be sold for their brass.

The Customer Service Advantage

With easy and convenient options for their scrap metal recycling customers to choose from, Gulf Coast Scrap Metal always puts client service first. We offer free wire stripping, free alloy testing, and free container service, plus a fast drive-through window. In addition, we pay the most cash of any scrap metal recycling facility in Houston.

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