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Scrap Metal Recycling Laws and Regulations

scrap metal recycling regulationSelling your scrap seems like a pretty straight forward process, but there are actually quite a few laws that a recycling facility must abide by when buying your scrap metal. Here are some of of the basic laws and regulations set forth by the state of Texas concerning scrap metal recycling:

Record Keeping for Scrap Metal Recycling

Texas requires the buyer to keep several records documenting their purchase of scrap metal. We are obliged to document and store the seller’s name, address, date of sale, and phone number. Buyers are also required to either keep a picture for 181 days or a video for 91 days of the seller’s face and their scrap.

If the seller transported the scrap to the facility in their own vehicle, the buyer must record and file the make and model of the vehicle and the license plate number.

In terms of sales tickets, the date and time of sale need to be recorded, as well as the name of the clerk completing the sale and the address of the facility. The amount paid and the amount (weight and volume) of the scrap must also be documented. The seller is required to sign the ticket and accept the receipt.

As buyers, Gulf Coast Scrap Metal is required to keep a record of all purchases for a minimum of three years. These purchase records are subject to inspection by law enforcement at any time.

All scrap is supposed to be tagged and held for a minimum of 3 days.

Special Items

There are certain items that can only be sold with a written permission from a valid authority; these items also must be reported to law enforcement within 7 days. These items include:

  • Manhole covers
  • Bridge guard rails
  • Historical markers
  • Grave markers and vases
  • Traffic or street signs
  • Water meter covers
  • Communication wire or cable
  • Railroad equipment
  • Safes
  • Catalytic converters
  • Metal containers that contain gasses
  • Kegs (under certain conditions)
  • Air conditioner coils

A professional scrap metal recycling facility, such as Gulf Coast Scrap Metal will be able to inform your about the certifications or approvals you need before selling your scrap. If in doubt about our municipal ordinances, please feel free to give us a call at 713-868-4111 prior to stopping by.