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Recycling Copper: What You Need to Know

In recycling copper: what you need to know, you’ll see that the increasing demand for copper has led to the increase of copper prices and subsequently in recycling. The recycling process is not always easy but at Gulf Coast Scrap Metal we make the process as simple and profitable for you as possible because reusing copper is a necessary step in making sure that we are not running out of this valuable resource and that we help keep it affordable for those using the mineral.

Recycling copper is also important because it saves natural resources and energy, reduces pollution, and creates jobs even here in Houston.

What are the Benefits of Recycling Copper?

It is estimated that recycling metal has saved over 2 million acres of landfill space. In addition recycling copper saves energy, time, and money.

Metal recycling, particularly copper such as copper wire recycling, is both a sustainable and profitable industry. Globally, copper is the third most commonly mined metal so repurposing it helps keep it a vital part of the circular economy. Copper is commonly used in manufacturing wiring, motors, engines, electronic goods, cookware, jewelry, musical instruments and pipes for plumbing.

There are many benefits to recycling copper, including the environmental benefits. Recycling all metals saves energy, time, and money while also being sustainable and profitable. Recycling copper is an environmentally friendly practice because copper is not a toxic material. Copper recycling reduces greenhouse gas emissions by avoiding mining, extraction, refining and the raw ore manufacturing processes that release carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. Recycling metal also saves energy, time, and money because there are no additional costs such as production or transportation of new raw materials. It also helps to reduce deforestation.

Is recycling scrap copper profitable?

In Houston, recycling scrap copper such as that found in old wiring is an excellent way to turn waste or unneeded copper into cash. The price of copper per pound can vary between $3.00 and $4.00 in the country but it is rising fast as demand begins to exceed supply. This is because copper prices are related to the metal’s scarcity, so the more demand (people wanting it), the more competition for the supply which drives the price companies are willing to pay, upward. With our Best Price Guarantee you can be assured that we’ll always pay you top dollar backed by exceptional customer service. We even offer FREE wire stripping as one of our services so you don’t have to worry about that laborious task.

We’ve focused on copper in this article, Recycling Copper: What you need to know, but there are many other valuable metals we accept. If you have questions or want to learn more, click here or call us at 713-868-4111.