3 Steps to Scrap Metal Recycling: Sorting

Last week, Gulf Coast explained the most important step in the metal recycling process: finding scrap. We continue our scrap metal recycling blogging series with the next essential step when recycling: sorting your scrap. For more information about our scrap metal recycling services and current prices, please call Gulf Coast at 713-868-4111.

Identifying your Scrap Metal

Before you can sort your scrap, you will need to be able to identify what type of metal it is comprised of. Often times, you will already know what your scrap is made up of since you are looking for that specific type of metal. Sometimes though, you are picking up someone else’s old scrap and may have no idea what it is made of. Either way, it is always good to test before your separate your scrap into groups.

There are 3 good ways to test scrap metal: the spark test, the magnet test, and alloy tests. In the spark test, one grinds some of the scrap and determines what type of metal it is from the spark it gives off. A comprehensive guide to the spark test can be found here.

The magnet test works just like its name implies: a magnet is placed next to the scrap to determine if it has magnetic qualities. Since only a few metals are magnetic, this helps identify the composition of the scrap.

Finally, a select few metal recycling centers, like Gulf Coast Scrap Metal, offer alloy metal testing. What sets us apart, though, is that we provide customers with alloy testing services FREE OF CHARGE.

Sorting Scrap for Scrap Metal Recycling

Sort as you go for scrap metal recycling.

One service that no scrap metal recycling facility offers is sorting your scrap. This costs their business time and, thus, money, meaning that you will get paid less for your scrap.

The best way to sort scrap is to do it as you go. If you wait until the end, you will have to sift through the whole thing at once and may forget where you found specific scraps. Also, remember to label whatever container or area you leave your scrap in. This way, you can guarantee that there aren’t any mix ups!

For help identifying scrap and free container service, come to the best scrap metal recycling facility in Houston. Call Gulf Coast Scrap Metal today at 713-868-4111 for more information.