Summer Scrap Metal Recycling in Houston

Are you ready to make some extra cash? Summer scrap metal recycling in Houston is a great way to pad your pockets and help pay for all of those extra activities that pop up around the summer months. Gulf Coast Scrap Metal is the top scrap metal recycling facility in Houston, and we pay the most for your scrap metal.

Acceptable Scrap Metal for Recycling

There is a wide variety of acceptable scrap metal for recycling, which you can bring to Gulf Coast Scrap Metal to earn extra cash. These include stainless steel scrap, aluminum scrap metal, copper scrap metal, nickel alloy, steel scrap, iron scrap, insulated wire scrap, and old batteries. You can find many of these at industrial sites, or in garages and storage facilities.

Customer Service

Gulf Coast Scrap Metal has earned the reputation as being the most customer-focused scrap metal facility in Houston. With expert staff and friendly service, you are guaranteed to have a quick, enjoyable experience when you go to recycle your Houston scrap metal.

Remember, if you want the most for your summer scrap metal recycling in Houston, call Gulf Coast Scrap Metal today. With the best customer service around, this is one Houston scrap metal facility that won’t be beat! Call Gulf Coast today at 713-868-4111.