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Choose Knowledge: Choose Gulf Coast Scrap Metal!

For years, Gulf Coast Scrap Metal has been providing the ultimate customer service experience for Houstonians who come to us to recycle their scrap. We are number one for a whole host of reasons, but our knowledge about scrap recycling helps to benefit all our customers – if you are looking to recycle scrap metal in Houston, choose knowledge: choose Gulf Coast Scrap Metal!

Customer Education

If you have never recycled scrap metal before, you might have a lot of questions about when and how to start. Fortunately, our staff is well-trained and very knowledgeable about all steps of the recycling process. We work hard to provide not only customer service, but customer education, so that you can feel confident in your decision to do business with us.

We Pay The Most

Of course, part of customer service is always paying you the most for your scrap metal. We value your business, so rest assured that when you bring your scrap metal in Houston to us, you will walk away feeling satisfied. Our facility is conveniently located at Hempstead Road and W. 11th Street by 610, a fantastic central location for anywhere you happen to be in Houston.

Call us to learn more about scrap metal recycling in Houston, and discover if you have need of our services! Get started by calling (713) 868-4111 and visit our website at