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Scrap Metal Recycling Houston

When it comes to selling your recyclable metal scrap, you want to make sure you you trust your local Houston scrap metal recycler. Gulf Coast Scrap Metal is a family-run Houston metal scrap recycling center that prides itself on fair and honest prices. To learn more about current scrap metal pricing, please call 713-868-4111.

Scrap Metal Recycling Houston: A Recycler You Can Trust

For over 32 years, Gulf Coast Scrap Metal has been buying and recycling metal scrap from vendors throughout the greater Houston area. Our reputation as honest and trustworthy Houston scrap metal recyclers has been well earned.

We provide a selection of free services so that our clients can have the best scrap metal recycling experience in Houston. We enjoy making our clients happy with the following services:

  • Free Quotes
  • Free Wire Stripping
  • Free Container Service
  • Free Alloy Testing
  • Free Onsite Evaluations

Gulf Coast Scrap Metal is dedicated to reusing Houston scrap metals the environment by offering high prices. Our goal is to help the environment by keeping as many aluminum, brass, coppery, nickel, stainless steel, lead, iron, and carbide products from land fills. For this reason, we purchase a wide array of scrap metal objects for Houston recycling. As a Houston scrap metal recycler, we accept a variety of pipes, insulated wires, cans, drill bits, batteries, alloy products, and even computer boards.

When it comes to scrap metal recycling, Houston relies on Gulf Coast Scrap Metal. For the best service and prices for Houston metal scrap recycling, please call 713-868-4111.