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Houston Scrap Metal Recycling: 3 Basic Steps

The hardest part about scrap metal recycling is getting started. Once you know how to gather and sell your scrap, you will see how easy it is to make money while helping the environment.

As a professional scrap metal recycler, Gulf Coast encourages others to remove their metal trash from the Houston waste stream by collecting and selling their excess scrap metal. This three part series will explain the most important steps to scrap metal recycling and effective strategies in completing them!

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Don’t stress! Houston scrap metal recycling can be easy!

Step 1: Finding Scrap Metal For Recycling

Think of how many of your everyday appliances and products are made out of metal. Even if only a quarter of these objects could be sold to a metal recycler, you would still have an infinite amount of places to find scrap metal.

The vast majority of scrap metal recyclers and scrap dealers look for aluminum, brass, copper, carbide, iron, steel, nickel alloys, and lead scrap. These metals are frequently found in wires, pipes, drill bits, heavy machinery, rods, rails, plumbing, cars (wheels, radiators, etc.), ammunition, batteries, and household appliances.

One of the best ways to collect scrap is to contact construction, demolition, electrical remodeling, and plumbing companies about picking up their scrap. This is an excellent strategy for beginners because you can speak with someone who is knowledgeable about what metals their trash is comprised of. Also, establishing a repertoire with a local business helps ensure scrap for the future. Most businesses would appreciate someone taking their excess scrap off of their hands because it is simply one less thing to clean up. You can help them save money while you make some extra cash yourself!