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Step 3: Finding Scrap Metal Recyclers

Once you’ve collected and sorted your scrap, it is time to find a scrap metal recycler. Generally, it is best to sell your scrap metal to a recycling facility as opposed to a dealer; a dealer buys scrap from others and sells it to recycling facilities, meaning they need to purchase scrap for cheaper than the standard price to make any profit. What separates Gulf Coast Scrap Metal from other scrap metal recyclers in the Houston metro area is our honest pricing and our commitment to customer service. Call 713-868-4111 to learn more about our services and recycling facility.

Choosing Between Scrap Metal Recyclers

When selecting a metal recycler, you need to first consider what kind of scrap you have. Certain facilities accept specific metals. For example, Gulf Coast Scrap Metal accepts aluminum, brass, copper, carbide, iron, nickel alloys, lead and stainless steel.

Moreover, one also needs to consider the form in which their scrap comes in. Only a select few scrap metal recyclers, such as Gulf Coast Scrap Metal, accept computer scrap and copper wire.

Computer scrap recycling and wire stripping: Rare services to find in scrap metal recyclers.

Another extremely important consideration is the services that the facility offers. If you have a large quantity of scrap or your don’t have a truck, you may need someone to pick the scrap for you. Gulf Coast Scrap Metal offers free job site pick-up services. If you are exclusively selling copper wire, you may want to look for scrap metal recyclers that offer free wire stripping. Some metals can be heard to identify; Gulf Coast offers free alloy testing to help you determine what metal is in your scrap.

The most important quality of a metal recycler is the price they offer for your scrap. Gulf Coast offers the best prices in Houston for your honest scrap weights. Stop by our recycling facility or give us a call to learn more about our scrap metal recycling services.