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Protecting Against Scrap Metal Thieves

When  collecting scrap, it is always a good idea to store it in a secure location. Although scrap metal may seem to be just junk, it just happens to be relatively valuable junk. Given the opportunity, people will try and steal your scrap and sell it as their own. Here are a few tips to avoid becoming victim to a recycling criminal:

Lock Up Your Scrap Metal

scrap metal thievesTry and make sure that you keep your scrap metal in a locked area. If it is already in your truck or vehicle, try and find a garage to leave it in over night. We’ve had so many customers lose scrap right off the bed of their truck because they left it in their driveway over night.

If you are leaving scrap metal at your shop, it should be rather easy to keep it locked up. You may also want to watch out for employee theft though; limiting as much access to the scrap metal as possible drastically reduces the possibility of theft.

Set Up Security

In certain situations, such as scrap yards or construction sites, locking up scrap is virtually impossible. Other security measures are necessary to ensure that the site isn’t broken into and stripped of scrap.

Installing a fence is the first thing you should do. Even though fences can be easily hopped, it provides a necessary barrier for deterring thieves. You want to make sure to cover the fence with plastic so that passerby’s can’t see what is on the site.

Security systems or security guards may also be helpful. Physically watching over the site is the only way to really guarantee that someone won’t break in to steal the copper wiring directly from the walls of your building.

Sell it Immediately

Another approach is to never have scrap on you for too long. The second you collect it, you can come over to Gulf Coast Scrap Metal and sell it. Its a win-win situation! You leave with a pocket full of cash and you avoid the stress of having to safeguard your scrap.

Contact Gulf Coast Scrap Metal to learn more about how we can help you protect your scrap with our free pick-up service. Call 713-868-4111 today!