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Back to School Cleaning with Houston Scrap Metal Recycling

It is back to school time for students of all ages, and along with the busier schedule comes a lot more clutter. Lifestyle experts say that the best way to reduce stress in your life is to “de-clutter.” There is no better way to get a head start than to bring all your aluminum scrap to Gulf Coast Scrap Metal, the Houston scrap metal recycling facility that pays the most for your scrap materials.

Getting the Most from your Aluminum Scrap

Not only will getting rid of aluminum scrap materials give you more space in your home and garage area, but you can earn some extra cash doing so. Gulf Coast offers the best prices in town, and with a convenient Houston location, you never have to go a great distance out of your way. Plus, recycling aluminum scrap is a fantastic way to help the environment. Gulf Coast Scrap Metal even offers free onsite evaluations and quotes, as well as alloy testing.

Recycling Different Types of Aluminum Metal Scrap

When it comes to sorting aluminum materials to recycle, it can be hard to know what to collect and bring. Soda cans are a popular option. They pile up throughout the summer, and are a great source of aluminum. Beer cans, cast wheels, and even old radiators from cars can be collected and turned in at your Houston scrap metal recycling facility. You can even find aluminum sources in doorframes and windows at demolition sites. This is a perfect way to earn some extra cash that can be put to use buying school supplies and other necessities for the back to school rush.

Keep Business Local at Houston’s Premier Recycling Center

The best way to keep Houston’s local economy strong is to keep supporting area businesses. Not only will you earn the most cash for your scrap metal recycling material at Gulf Coast Scrap Metal, but you will be contributing to the community and the city in which you live. As a top Houston scrap metal recycling facility, Gulf Coast has earned hundreds of customer rave reviews throughout the years. We pride ourselves on our customer service, and we hope to continue earning your business for years to come. Give us a call today at 713-868-4111.