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Houston Lead Scrap Recycling: What You Need to Know

If you are looking to make a little extra money for the upcoming holiday season, consider scrap metal recycling. It is foolproof, helps to de-clutter your home or business, and thanks to Houston lead scrap metal recycling facility Gulf Coast Scrap Metal, more lucrative than ever. Lead is a material that is found in the parts of many common household items and can be turned in for payment on the spot. Here are some tips to maximize your success at finding and recycling lead scrap metal.

Where to Find Lead Scrap

Batteries are a great source of lead scrap. Whether from your car or household appliances, old batteries contain lead that can be brought to your Houston scrap metal recycling center. Parts from kitchen appliances are an excellent source as well. A good habit to get into is whenever a newer model replaces an old household item, immediately collect the lead parts from the old item for recycling. Gulf Coast Scrap Metal pays the most for your scrap metal, and our convenient location is easily accessible from all Houston highways.

Why Recycle Your Lead Scrap at Gulf Coast?

Gulf Coast Scrap Metal not only pays more for your scrap than any other facility in the Houston area, but we also offer several free services to make your Houston scrap metal recycling experience as easy as possible. We offer free wire stripping as well as complementary evaluation and pickup of your scrap at your office or jobsite. With a knowledgeable, personable staff, and top dollar for your recycling, there is an obvious reason why Gulf Coast Scrap Metal is one of Houston’s top scrap metal dealers.

For information about Houston scrap metal recycling, and to get started recycling your scrap today, call Gulf Coast Scrap Metal today at 713-868-4111.