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Houston Scrap Metal Recycling: Spring Update

Houston scrap metal recycling is one of the best ways to make extra cash this spring! Gulf Coast Scrap Metal is the number one destination for scrap metal recycling, having established themselves as having the best customer service in the city. If you want the most cash from recycling your scrap metal in Houston, contact Gulf Coast Scrap Metal today!

Drive Through Service for Scrap Recycling in Houston

One of Gulf Coast’s excellent customer-focused features is their drive-through service for scrap recycling in Houston. You can enjoy this convenient feature, along with their free alloy testing and free wire stripping. Discover the Gulf Coast difference and visit Gulf Coast Scrap Metal today.

Friendly Customer Service

Customer-focused service is one of the highlights of Gulf Coast Scrap Metal. Knowledgeable associates and personable service will make every visit a great one. Get in and out quickly, and recycle your scrap metal in Houston with a company that truly appreciates your business.

Remember, if you want the most cash for scrap metal recycling in Houston, call Gulf Coast Scrap Metal today. With the best customer service around, this is one Houston scrap metal recycling facility that will not be beat! Start recycling your scrap for spring and call Gulf Coast at 713-868-4111.