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Copper Recycling – Copper Hunting 101

Copper is one of the most desired scrap metal for recycling. Although copper is everywhere, it can be hard to find if one does not know where to look.

Below, Gulf Coast Scrap Metal lists where you can find scrap for copper metal recycling.

Copper Wire: Copper wire is common and is one of the most lucrative copper recycling materials. Copper wiring can be found in buildings of all kinds but most scrap metal recycling facilities do not accept wire with its coating. Fortunately, Gulf Coast provides complimentary wire stripping for insulation wire metal recycling.

Copper Piping: Another excellent source for scrap metal recycling is copper piping. A quick way to compile copper pipe is to go to a renovation or demolition site and sift through the piping (note that this is also an excellent source for insulation wire metal recycling materials). Once you gather the copper piping, you can take it to Gulf Coast’s copper recycling facility for a free estimate.

Catalytic Converters: A catalytic converter is a vehicle emissions control device with converts toxic byproducts of combustion in the exhaust into less toxic substances. Most modern automobiles have them and they are an excellent source for copper recycling. Simply contact your local junk yard or mechanic to see they have catalytic converters for scrap metal recycling.

Gulf Coast Scrap Metal offers the best prices for copper metal recycling. Experience the Gulf Coast difference for yourself. Give us a call at 713-868-4111 to learn more about our recycling services, including insulation wire metal recycling, and our scrap metal recycling facility.