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Saving Energy with Metal Recycling in Houston

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How are you actually helping the environment when you recycle metal? Aside from ensuring that some of your trash won’t end up in a huge landfill, recycling scrap metal also saves energy. Gulf Coast Scrap Metal promotes a healthy environment and a sustainable society by providing a financial incentive for scrap metal recycling. To learn more about metal recycling in Houston, please call Gulf Coast at 713-868-4111.

How Does Metal Recycling in Houston Save Energy?

With modern industry having such a strong presence in our society, it is easy to forget that metal itself comes from our Earth. Every metal object we own was at one point mined out of the Earth’s crust.

Once mined, we had to extract the metal from the ore, which is usually done through chemical reduction, such as smelting. If this does not work, electrolytic reduction is used. Extracting metal from ore requires a large amount of energy and can be a rather costly process.

Recycling metal requires much less energy than extracting it. Not only are you saving metal ore for future use, but the recycling process itself saves energy! When you recycle a single aluminum can, you help save enough energy to power a television for three hours. We could drastically reduce energy expenditures if Houstonians alone recycled all of their soda cans.

Get Paid for Metal Recycling in Houston

The benefits don’t end there. Metal recyclers, such as Gulf Coast Scrap Metal, will pay you for your metal scrap.

Prices depend on the market and the type of metal your scrap is made of. Here at Gulf Coast, we make getting paid for your scrap easier than ever before. We have drive-by scales, a job-site pick-up service, free alloy testing, and free wire stripping, so that you can maximize your profits.

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