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Gulf Coast Scrap Metal – A Houston Scrap Metal Facility Favorite

Since 1990, Gulf Coast Scrap Metal has been Houston’s favorite scrap metal facility. With unparalleled customer service and the very best price for your metal scrap, there is simply no reason to go anywhere else. Here are a few reasons why you should choose Gulf Coast Scrap Metal!

Friendly and Knowledgeable

The staff at Gulf Coast are experts at all types of scrap metal, and can help you understand exactly what goes into the process of recycling scrap metal. Gulf Coast’s rock-solid reputation was built on ensuring your needs are satisfied quickly and efficiently. Whether you want to recycle brass, copper, aluminum, iron, lead, steel, carbide, or insulated wire scrap, you are guaranteed to get the most for your scrap at Gulf Coast, while enjoying our friendly service.

Personalized Service

Plus, our drive-through service makes it incredibly convenient to recycle scrap in Houston! We offer excellent and customized service where, for qualified industrial accounts, a metal expert can come to your facility and learn about your specific needs, and give you estimated quotes based on current market prices and help you get more for your scrap.

Find Us Easily

Our location is convenient and easily accessible, nestled in the Heights at 8770 Hempstead Road. We pride ourselves on our fantastic customer service, and will do everything possible to gain and keep your trust! This is one reason why we always pay you the most for your scrap metals – if you want the most, call Gulf Coast!

If you are ready to collect some extra cash by recycling with Houston’s favorite scrap metal facility, contact Gulf Coast Scrap Metal today at