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Summer Scrap Metal Recycling in Houston

Its summertime in Houston, and the season is filled to the brim with exciting activities and vacation destinations – give yourself some extra cash this year with summer scrap metal recycling in Houston! Gulf Coast Scrap Metal has been providing smooth and friendly scrap metal removal services since 1990, and as the best scrap metal recycling facility in Houston, we guarantee your satisfaction every time!

Ready to get your extra cash for summer? Check your garage or home workspace for metals like aluminum, brass, copper, lead, stainless steel, insulated wire, and iron. Gulf Coast Scrap Metal accepts all of these, as well as carbide scrap, nickel alloy scrap, and batteries. Once you have collected your scrap metal for recycling, utilize Gulf Coast Scrap Metal’s fast and convenient drive-through service! We offer free wire stripping, and free alloy testing. Recycling your Houston scrap metal has never been easier or more profitable!

If you are needing a large amount of scrap metal removed from your office or business, contact us about our free pickup for industrial customers! Our Houston container service can take care of any large jobs where the assistance of a crane, flat bed, or roll-off truck might be necessary.

What materials do we not accept? Gulf Coast Scrap Metal cannot accept computers, appliances, cars, radioactive materials, materials containing mercury, live ammunitions including bullets or explosives, pressure regulating valves, anything flammable, or materials containing asbestos.

Our location is convenient and easily accessible, nestled in the Heights at 8770 Hempstead Road. We pride ourselves on our customer service, and will do everything possible to gain and keep your trust! This is one reason why we always pay you the most for your scrap metals – if you want the most, call Gulf Coast!

If you are ready to collect some extra cash by summer scrap metal recycling in Houston, contact Gulf Coast Scrap Metal today at 713-868-4111.