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Scrap Brass Recycling in Houston

Brass is a relatively common alloy composed of copper and zinc. You can see brass in household items everyday and never realize that you can get cold hard cash for your scrap. Gulf Coast Scrap Metal specializes in scrap brass recycling in Houston. We pay the best prices in town for brass and other types of metal scrap. Come by our recycling facility on the corner of W. 11th St. and Hempstead Road for simple drop off and honest prices for honest weights.

Finding Scrap

Brass can be easy to find if you know where to look. Bullet casings are generally made out of brass. For obvious safety concerns, loaded ammunition cannot be recycled, but one can always collect bullet cases at a gun range and sell them for cash!

Brass scrap for recycling

Brass ammunition casing.

Brass plumbing and piping is also common. If you are not personally in the plumbing, construction, demolition, or retrofitting industry, I would recommend making friends with someone who is. They will have access to plenty of brass piping and tubing.

Old furniture is also an excellent source of scrap brass. Moreover, the purity of brass rods from vintage furniture make them excellent for recycling.

Gulf Coast for Scrap Brass Recycling in Houston

Metal recycling is our profession and we make sure to do it to the best of our abilities. Gulf coast offers a variety of free services that help make your scrap brass recycling experience easy and profitable. We will pick up you brass scrap wherever in the Houston metro area completely free of charge. We also offer free container services, wire stripping, alloy testing, and weighing. Call 713-868-4111 to learn about our current pricing for scrap brass recycling in Houston.