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Houston Scrap Metal Recycling: Holiday Update

Houston scrap metal recycling is the very best way to earn extra cash for the holiday season, while at the same time clearing out space in your office or workplace. Since 1990, Gulf Coast Scrap Metal has scored a top spot as the favorite scrap metal recycling facility in Houston, due to their unbeatable customer service, excellent amenities, convenient location, and of course, top dollar for your scrap.

Industrial Scrap Recycling

Your office or workplace is likely a goldmine of extra scrap. Take advantage of this and call Gulf Coast Scrap Metal to take care of all your industrial scrap recycling needs. For commercial scrap customers, Gulf Coast offers personalized service wherein a metal expert will come out to your facility and appraise your scrap, giving you the most accurate quote available and ensuring that all of your unique needs are met. There is no reason to go anywhere else than Gulf Coast Scrap Metal!

Best Customer Service

Gulf Coast Scrap Metal has built a reputation of quality customer service. Houston scrap metal recycling is an excellent way to earn extra cash for the holiday season – and Gulf Coast Scrap Metal will help you to make it happen! Get started by calling (713) 868-4111 and visit their website at